Mission-driven and guided by exceptional leaders, we’re committed to developing fully the potential of every student.


For more than 20 years, TLT has continued to build on our humble beginnings, introducing groundbreaking programs such as the International Baccalaureate and IGCSE programs and progressive ideas from the most recent research and best teaching practices available from around the globe.


Any school can have programs of studies, core and optional courses and a recognized and accredited curriculum. This is simply not enough for our children during these challenging times. At TLT we understand the gravity of the situation when it comes to education in this country and we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of teaching pedagogies that will prepare our students for what lies ahead in a not so perfect world. For decades, this country has been focused on rote learning that we completely ignore the fact that rote learning is just one skill of many that our students need to develop to prepare them for the real world. There is therefore a big gap in the education system that needs to be filled. Sitting within this gap are the “life skills” that young minds need to develop before entering the adult world. Learning these skills will help them develop the mindset, habits and perspectives they need to succeed and thrive as young adults. At The Learning Tree, we are keenly aware that young people need to be taught how to overcome problems, how to make better decisions, how to think creatively and flexibly, how to set goals, how to handle difficult emotions, how to overcome fear, how to deal with conflict, how to develop the mental strength and resilience needed to overcome adversity, and how to handle the uncertainties of life and the inevitable changes that often take place.

Our nation’s youth struggle in so many ways because they were never taught how to handle the endless challenges that life inevitably throws their way. At TLT, we are here to ensure that you and your children are valued, cherished and respected for who they are and what they will become – confident, engaged, innovative, respectful and reflective global citizens who not only strive to make a difference in their own lives but the lives of all they touch with their minds and their hearts.

We are ready to discover, to serve, to lead, to explore and thrive in a learning community that involves all stakeholders to actively participate and be engaged in ensuring that no child gets left behind and is given the opportunity to fulfill his/her full potential. This happens because we are a community of learners – a group of individuals who share values and beliefs and who actively engage in learning from one another—learners from teachers, teachers from learners, and learners from learners. They thus create a learning-centered environment in which students and educators are actively and intentionally constructing knowledge together. Learning communities are connected, cooperative, and supportive. Peers are interdependent in that they have joint responsibility for learning and share resources and points of view, while sustaining a mutually respectful and cohesive environment.

As you navigate through our newly designed website it will quickly become apparent that we are very different in our approach and philosophy. We respect each individual, embrace diversity, and value the relationships uniting us as a school and connecting us with our local and global communities. At The Learning Tree we encourage, expect and require authentic collegiality among all adults; we model, encourage, and expect student participation and active engagement; we set high expectations for all students while providing appropriate social and academic supports; and we promote a sense of belonging among students by encouraging and recognizing diverse expressions of competence and expertise.