With fifteen original students, The Learning Tree was founded by Naila Jamall in 2000. Naila’s passion for education was a part of her genetic makeup as she continued the legacy set down by family members that preceded her. From early days the school’s international identity was clear: to provide small classes to students who were interested in a holistic education and an international pursuit of goals.

Today, as one of a handful certified IB World Schools in the nation, and a Certified Cambridge University registered school, the Learning Tree provides a unique place for engaged learning and a culture where students seek personal excellence in every pursuit. TLT helps each community member become responsible citizens for their communities and the world.

As TLT continues its 20-year journey, we value each decade and each learner whose personal story betters our own. With 820 students, over 125 faculty and staff, countless parents contributing daily to the school’s legacy and the world around us, we can only be encouraged, humbled, and motivated to keep learning together for the sake of our students borderless future.