Welcome to The Learning Tree!

Looking back in time to January 2000, we began as a small toddler program. Today, we are a co- educational learning community serving the needs of learners ranging from the early years through the senior school. Our flagship class graduated in May 2016, after taking the Cambridge International Examinations. In this, our 20th year, we will be saying goodbye to our Class or 2020; our fifth graduating class.

In today’s evolving world, there is a demonstrated need for the high-quality educational programs. At The Learning Tree, we offer enriching academic programs in an endeavor to provide young learners with a diverse, challenging curriculum and individual attention in order for them to grow into confident, lifelong learners. The development of each student as an individual is enhanced by promoting curiosity, creativity, and appreciation for self and others. We believe that every individual student can achieve excellence in his or her areas of interest, and we celebrate their achievements in different curricular and co-curricular areas. All our students are special, and we aim to provoke their intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual, and physical awareness. Though we accommodate for differences, our academic programs are rigorous, defined by a structured and standardized curriculum in the languages (English, Urdu, and a foreign language), mathematics, sciences, humanities, social sciences, physical education and arts.

The school is divided into three sections: PreschoolJunior School and Senior School.

TLT Preschool caters to students from the age of 18 months to six years, to facilitate their journey to grow and develop into curious and independent learners, providing them with the skills and tools that they require to succeed.

The first graders graduate and transit seamlessly into TLT Junior School, where their knowledge, concepts and skills are consolidated over the years from Grades 2 to 6. From Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6, TLT follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), focusing on real-life, inquiry-based teaching and learning through the transdisciplinary units of inquiry.

The curiosity and independence in learning prepares the students to graduate to the next level with renewed confidence. TLT Senior School programme caters to students from Grades VII to XI, preparing the students to appear for the external Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE) in Grades X and XI. The programme not only prepares students to be successful candidates in their examinations, but places a strong emphasis on student-centered learning and teaching. We endeavour to promote a holistic development of our young adolescents through a vigorous academic program and a component of service and action.

Through all our programmes, we pledge to:

  • Provide opportunities for students to be challenged and supported to develop his/her talents and skills to his/her full potential;
  • Develop a strong sense of belonging and ownership towards the school and contribute to building a safe and welcoming community for all;
  • Develop a high quality curriculum incorporating information technology, so that students experience challenge and success at all ages and all developmental levels;
  • Establish welcoming and inclusive partnerships with parents as they form an integral component of the school community
The Learning Tree has an open personality, and you can pick up the friendly, welcoming vibes from students, faculty, staff and administrators. It is a unique blend of academic challenges, curiosity, flexibility, support, individuality, and an optimistic outlook that drive innovation and new opportunities. This monumental achievement would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our teaching faculty, whose commitment to their craft and our students is unparalleled. The teachers gladly acknowledge that they are the first learners, as they take advantage of every professional development opportunity available. They apply their knowledge and skills to fuel students’ enthusiasm, teach them to think for themselves, and spark the learning they need to succeed.

At TLT, we are proud of our commitment to high academic and behavioral expectations from our students. Over the past years we have implemented a positive and powerful character education program, which has been given structure by the IB Learner Profile attributes, which are the core of our curriculum across the entire school community. We nurture the students’ understanding of the 10 LP attributes by using the IB specific language in our classrooms, hallways, and playground, and modeling, practicing and reinforcing the attributes with the school community. These attributes are not lost or forgotten as our students transition into the Senior School.  We consciously cultivate the Cambridge Learner Profile and through our curricular, co curricular and extra curricular programs we ensure that our students graduates are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.

As I continue my career as the Head of School at TLT, I pledge to continue working diligently with the parents and faculty to foster an atmosphere that promotes a learning community characterized by child- centered instruction and decisions, academic excellence, trust, respect, community involvement, effective communications, and recognition of both student and staff achievements. I am committed to working in collaboration with the school community to continue to develop and implement this shared vision. Working together as a team, we will move forward in our mission to maintain a nurturing, disciplined, and challenging environment in which all students can learn at optimum levels and become responsible members of society.

Naila Jamall
Head of School