We empower our school community to become lifelong learners through respect and responsibility

Respect of all members of the school, local and global community through recognition of diversity.
Responsibility towards learning through positive attitudes and ethical actions, in order to develop critical and creative thinkers.


The purpose of The Learning Tree is to inspire a passion to learn, the courage to lead and the commitment to lead.


The Learning Tree offers an advanced curriculum, comprehensive in its emphasis of humanities, sciences, arts, and athletics. The school values diversity in its community and encourages openness of thought and freedom of inquiry. Through its program, the school seeks to develop enthusiastic, thinking, well-rounded, and responsible citizens equipped for success in college and life.

The Learning Tree sees education as both a personal journey requiring guidance and a system process built upon knowledge, experience and hard work. Collectively, these components promote understanding, imagination, and reason. The purpose, mission and core values of The Learning Tree unify the school community and guide everyday decisions and institutional policies. The school has high expectations for student achievement, parent support, and teacher performance. Success requires the community to work together with trust and confidence.


Educational Excellence

We develop a love for learning by discovering and celebrating each student’s abilities and talents through engagement with the exceptional teachers and distinctive academic, artistic, athletic, and extracurricular experiences.


We instill and expect integrity, honesty, moral courage, personal accountability, and compassion for others.


We respect each individual, embrace diversity, and value the relationships uniting us as a school and connecting us with our local and global communities.


We empower our students to address social, environmental and global issues and to realize the obligation and value in giving of themselves for the public good.