Curtain Rises Again as Theatre Extravaganza Returns to the Stage

After a two-year break, our TLT Thespians took to the stage and performed with great enthusiasm, excitement and humor on February 10th , 11th and 12th. We witnessed                performances in both Urdu and English from all our young TLT players as we put on 31 performances from Pre Nursery to Grade IX. Just as in past years, the actors showed their confidence and talents on a stage that they might not always have in the classroom or elsewhere. The high level of confidence, composure and courage that all of them displayed was truly remarkable. Putting on a massive event like this takes a great deal of time, effort, cooperation and teamwork and we are blessed to have faculty and staff who worked    tirelessly and with passion to ensure the final performances were executed with perfection. The Theatre Extravaganza truly brought the entire community back on campus and it was wonderful to see parents, siblings and alumni in the audience soaking in all the joy that comes with witnessing such marvelously authentic and meaningful productions that truly put smiles on the faces of everyone present.