Through visual art, vocal and instrumental music and drama, our fine arts program celebrates personal expression and connects our students to history, diverse cultures, and their own imaginations.

Our visual arts program develops our students’ talents and abilities at all levels. While they learn the fundamentals of art, explore the principles of design, and study the history of art, our visual artists learn to express themselves creatively.

Comprehensive music instruction begins in Jr. Kindergarten and continues all the way through junior school.

Drama has been a vital part if life at TLT and most students, by the time they graduate have performed on stage at assembly, talent show or the major Theatre Extravaganza. The performing arts are recognized as a vital part of school life and are supported by a broad section of the TLT community.

In major productions, the entire student body has a part to play, whether it be onstage, or ushering, dancing or directing the spotlight. Over the past years, TLT has staged excerpts from Broadway musicals to famous scenes from Grimm to Shakespeare. The success of these projects is gratifying and due to the community of students, teachers, families and service groups that collaborate to bring live theatre to the TLT community.

Whether it is at special assemblies, talent showcases or our all school theatre extravaganza, theatre plays an important role in student life.