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Hear what our faculty, students and parents have to say about their experience at The Learning Tree!
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Zain Rafiq

Student (VII –T)
I like TLT because we have good and loving teachers. They make you learn something in a easier and interesting ways. Along with the courses offered we have plenty of opportunities to try new things through our modules – Zumba, horse riding, rowing and sports program.
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Zayan Adil

Student (VII –L)
I like TLT because we have excellent teachers and even our principal is kind and amusing. They teach us what is right and what is wrong. They teach us manners. In sports we have a lot of fun because we enjoy the countless opportunities we are given. The teachers teach us so much, but more importantly, help us when we are in need making sure we do our very best.
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Nursery and Grade II Parent

Our journey with The Learning Tree has been a great one so far! Our older child is currently in Grade 2 and the younger one is in Nursery. Both have been privileged to have been taught by wonderful teachers who take a special interest in their well-being. What we love about TLT is the sense of community and a family-like bonding between the staff, the students and the parent body. It makes for a great school-going experience especially for the children. TLT is easily one of the most inclusive schools we have yet to come across in Karachi. As an IB school, TLT’s philosophy and values resonates with us and we are so glad we chose TLT for our children over the many options out there.
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Grade I and IV Parent

In a world of rat race and competition, where human-ness is secondary and grades come first, where kindness isn’t on the top of the list but competitiveness takes the front seat, The Learning Tree school stands out as a breath of fresh air. Here, our children are mentored and groomed to be caring and loving human beings first. The focus is on personality building with strong ethical and moral values along with inculcating open mindedness and tolerance. We don't just see this in the class room work but the entire staff and the environment seems to be working towards these same glorious goals.
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Kiran Zeeshan

Humanities Teacher (Senior School)
I have been working with TLT for past two years. The force that drives me towards the gate of F8 every morning is the caring and respectful culture of the school. The school gives an incredible professional development to the teacher which ultimately is beneficial to the students of the school. Moreover I am also been evident of the progress of senior school. I have seen this place taking a 360 degree turn in these two years. TLT is like a second home to me, I don’t only forecast my stay here for a decade or more but also see myself progressing as an educator year after year.
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Saima Asim

Grade II Lead
I have a passion for teaching young students and when I was given the opportunity to teach and enroll my children at TLT it was a very easy decision. My children have moved on, but I have no desire to leave this very special place. The Head of School trusted me and had faith in me. I have grown both professionally and personally as a result of the mentoring I have received from all the school leaders. I am respected and loved by my students, parents, colleagues and administration. The school admits children regardless of ability and “inclusion” is very much in evidence here. This truly is a special place that I call home.
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Misbah Kodi

Lead Administrator (Senior School)
This will be my third year at TLT. It was my first formal job after completing my MBA and I was given a very warm welcome by the staff and leadership team upon my entry. I soon started enjoying my work and felt very much at home with the trust and responsibilities bestowed upon me by the administration of TLT. Soon, the students and staff became my family away from home and I was hooked on to my work environment. I love being a part of this amazing, relaxed yet competitive atmosphere and feel there is a lot of opportunity for learning and improvement. Work gets challenging at times but the pressures only make us stronger and the rewards one yields, in the form of good results, appreciation and love from the students and encouragement and support from the principals and teachers is a priceless feeling of utter elation. May the years to come bring tons of success, laurels and accolades to our school and its students and may we grow and impart valuable education to our future generations with a promise of a better tomorrow. Long live TLT!
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Batool Ali

English Coordinator (Senior School)
I had initially worked at TLT almost fifteen years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Both TLT and I have grown since then so it was a pleasure to return to the school in 2013 as an English Literature teacher. The reasons I chose to work at TLT are many. Firstly the independence and freedom I enjoy in planning my lessons and executing them allows me to constantly try and become better. Help is always available but as a teacher, I am given utmost leeway in how I choose to carry out my classes. Moreover, the camaraderie amongst the teaching staff is impressive. We exchange ideas and share relationships that are fulfilling and professional. Both the Head of school and the Vice Principal are always very supportive - be it with ideas, changes or complaints. Having a close working relationship with them definitely improves the work environment. TLT is always open to changes. From acquiring the IB system to learning about IGCSE and implementing the same, we are always looking to improve. The culture at TLT is one where teachers enjoy the many benefits I have outlined and the only thing expected of them is professionalism. Not only do we expect our students to be lifelong learners, we pride ourselves on being lifelong learners too.
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Naureen Nawab

It had been an honor to be a part of TLT for the past 13 years and it has been a great and rewarding journey. I have worked with wonderful teachers and the confidence, support and care I got from my Head of School and the admin have all contributed to my growth as a teacher. Thanks for all the appreciation and support my TLT family.
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Madiha Sarosh

Science Coordinator (Senior School)
At TLT, I am a better teacher, learner, and person because of what I am empowered to do this year. Taking up the coordination of Sciences is a huge challenge and I keenly look forward to lead a team to successfully begin and execute a dynamic year integrating STEM in Sciences and to empower both our facilitators and students with a scientific mind! I feel I am truly part of a TLT family and that I have discovered my true passion of leading a group of amazing science teachers as learners as well as our students. I am quite amazed at how clear this mission has now become and how comfortable I feel in executing it. At TLT I have learned new tools that have allowed me to connect with educators throughout the country and the world through Edmodo. The process of discovery that I have embarked upon here at TLT will help all of my students and my team in the future. I am committed to share more, connect more and challenge myself to be better . My energy and excitement about teaching is at an all time high!
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Grade VIII Parent

The Learning Tree, Karachi is one of the few schools in the country that actively promotes the inclusion of students with learning differences in its mainstream classrooms. The school has persevered in this inclusive policy over the years despite the difficulties in adapting the curriculum to the specific needs of students. By doing so, it has created an environment where students following the mainstream curriculum are sensitized to the needs of more vulnerable students. Many of them are protective towards their differently abled peers and have developed long-lasting friendships with them. In my opinion, this is the most valuable education that the school can give to its students: More than being able to score well in an exam or get good grades, it is the qualities of empathy, compassion and acceptance of differences that ultimately define our humanity.
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Neyyar Sherazi

Academic Coordinator (Senior School)
What has inspired me the most is how inclusive and inviting the school is to all the diverse learners on our campus. Every student is embraced and truly loved by our faculty.
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Ghazala Farhan

Math Teacher (Senior School)
Every morning seems like a new day, a day that I want to find and achieve something for my students as well as myself. I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the school but also as a person.
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Sadiqa Tariq

Teacher (Preschool)
Everybody is a learner here and gets an equal chance of showcasing and honing her skills and talents. I found my true passion not only for teaching but for education all over again, here at TLT.
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Nida Rasheed

Humanities Teacher (Senior School)
Teaching at TLT allows me to work on hearts and minds, to guide children in becoming empowered, literate, engaged, creative, liberated human beings and help them discover the unique each have within them, beyond the syllabus.