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Misbah Kodi

Lead Administrator (Senior School)

This will be my third year at TLT. It was my first formal job after completing my MBA and I was given a very warm welcome by the staff and leadership team upon my entry. I soon started enjoying my work and felt very much at home with the trust and responsibilities bestowed upon me by the administration of TLT. Soon, the students and staff became my family away from home and I was hooked on to my work environment.

I love being a part of this amazing, relaxed yet competitive atmosphere and feel there is a lot of opportunity for learning and improvement. Work gets challenging at times but the pressures only make us stronger and the rewards one yields, in the form of good results, appreciation and love from the students and encouragement and support from the principals and teachers is a priceless feeling of utter elation. May the years to come bring tons of success, laurels and accolades to our school and its students and may we grow and impart valuable education to our future generations with a promise of a better tomorrow. Long live TLT!