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Madiha Sarosh

Science Coordinator (Senior School)

At TLT, I am a better teacher, learner, and person because of what I am empowered to do this year. Taking up the coordination of Sciences is a huge challenge and I keenly look forward to lead a team to successfully begin and execute a dynamic year integrating STEM in Sciences and to empower both our facilitators and students with a scientific mind!

I feel I am truly part of a TLT family and that I have discovered my true passion of leading a group of amazing science teachers as learners as well as our students. I am quite amazed at how clear this mission has now become and how comfortable I feel in executing it.

At TLT I have learned new tools that have allowed me to connect with educators throughout the country and the world through Edmodo. The process of discovery that I have embarked upon here at TLT will help all of my students and my team in the future. I am committed to share more, connect more and challenge myself to be better . My energy and excitement about teaching is at an all time high!