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Batool Ali

English Coordinator (Senior School)

I had initially worked at TLT almost fifteen years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Both TLT and I have grown since then so it was a pleasure to return to the school in 2013 as an English Literature teacher.
The reasons I chose to work at TLT are many. Firstly the independence and freedom I enjoy in planning my lessons and executing them allows me to constantly try and become better. Help is always available but as a teacher, I am given utmost leeway in how I choose to carry out my classes.

Moreover, the camaraderie amongst the teaching staff is impressive. We exchange ideas and share relationships that are fulfilling and professional.

Both the Head of school and the Vice Principal are always very supportive – be it with ideas, changes or complaints. Having a close working relationship with them definitely improves the work environment.
TLT is always open to changes. From acquiring the IB system to learning about IGCSE and implementing the same, we are always looking to improve.

The culture at TLT is one where teachers enjoy the many benefits I have outlined and the only thing expected of them is professionalism. Not only do we expect our students to be lifelong learners, we pride ourselves on being lifelong learners too.