At TLT we truly believe that we are a community of learners. For the library that means that we extend beyond the school grounds to parents and homes. Karachi does have several English libraries, but they are not always accessible to everyone. With this in mind, both the Secondary and Elementary Libraries at TLT are open for parents to come to either library to borrow books or magazines for themselves. They can also check out books to help enhance their children’s learning, from taking picture books to share with the youngest children or picking up a classic to converse with a high school student about.

In the Elementary Library the students are taught foundational skills that prepare them for learning in the 21st century. Also, reading transcends the library as students take part in a yearly Read-a-thon to raise money for local communities in need. Reading also takes a personal turn as students aim to join the 1,000 Page Club and are justly rewarded with patches and prizes!

The Senior School Library has one of the finest collections of books in the city. Feel free to come in and browse our wonderful collection. Our Classics, Art and Music books are truly spectacular. The Library houses our foreign language classes and provides a safe haven for peer tutoring and group study sessions. Finally, the library is a place that many students choose to be, to converse and strengthen relationships.

The TLT libraries are more than just books, they act as one of the centers for research, creativity and community both for students at school, and parents and families that are part of the TLT community.

TLT Libraries

The Learning Tree library program serves as an essential link between the students and faculty and their information and reading needs. TLT maintains two separate library facilities. The Lower School Library serves grades K-6, and the Sr. School Library serves grades 7-11. Staffing includes three librarians.

Library Resources

The Learning Tree Libraries house more than 10,000 book titles. In addition, an increasing number of library materials come in digital format, allowing students access from home as well as school. These include downloadable e-book middle grade fiction on BookRix; Project Guttenberg, the International New York Times; and databases of thousands of scholarly journal articles from Directory of Open Access Journals, Oxford University Press Journal, Jurn , and JSTOR.

Library Goals

To promote reading as a lifelong interest among students;
• To provide for the information and research needs of TLT students;
• To support teachers by providing curricular materials;
• To prepare students for the electronic environment in the 21st century; and
• To produce information literate citizens who know how to access and evaluate information.

Accelerated Reader Program

Students in grades 2-8 participate in Accelerated Reader, which is designed to encourage reading practice and careful reading of a text. Assessment involves a computerized test on a book. Find AR books with the AR Book Finder (no password needed).

Summer Reading

A summer reading assignment is part of the educational program for all students at TLT. Faculty who serve on the summer reading committees have attempted to choose books that create pleasurable reading experiences and build enthusiasm for reading. We have selected books with literary merit but have avoided titles that must be studied in class to be understood. We hope many parents will take the opportunity to read and discuss the books with their children over the summer.