We want our students to learn naturally and skillfully in a changing world; the TLT Technology, Media and Library services supports this quest through designated physical spaces, such as our libraries and labs, and a commitment to support in and out of the classroom.

Our Technology, Media and Library services cultivate welcoming and dynamic environments, hold diverse collections reflective of a global community that empower our patrons to effectively access and evaluate resources in order to become informed decision-makers, savvy users of information tools, and enthusiastic readers who can apply their knowledge both now and in the future.

The TLT Technology, Media and Library services at all levels are committed to providing the space, resources and knowledge to foster learning. As information resources and technology are changing at a rapid pace, we are here to not only “keep up,” but to also anticipate student needs and prepare them with the skills to find reliable information quickly and put that information into action.

Our three libraries are welcoming spaces for all students. At any given moment, a peek in our libraries might show students actively engaged in a story hour, creating a presentation or gathering research on their laptops, collaborating as a group to find a solution to a problem or answers to a scavenger hunt, or enjoying a book, magazine, audiobook or ebook from our collection of over 10,000 titles.

Our Senior School Library also hosts the TLT Writing Center helps students in all disciplines become more effective, more confident writers. We believe that writing is a powerful tool not only for communicating existing ideas but also for discovering new ones; that learning to write is a life-long process; and that all writers benefit from sharing work in progress with knowledgeable, attentive readers. Our methods—multi-faceted, flexible, and above all, collaborative—reflect our respect for the individual writer, whose talents, voice, and goals are central to all our endeavors.