Student Council Hosts First Ever Spirit Week

For months now, this year’s student council has been finding ways to bring the student body together as a community. “The school has always looked forward to the annual sports day, but this year, we wanted to do something that would be sustainable and fun for the whole school, “ stated Cedar House Captain, Mariyam Rajani. Led by an amazing group of senior students, the school has been filled with dance, cheers and song that truly set a tone of joy and belonging.

“Every break, Sir Jamshid and the House Captains taught us new cheers that brought us together regardless of our respective houses,” said an enthusiastic Sahl Nagairia, first year House Captain of Juniper. “I rarely speak up in class, but for some reason I lose all my shyness when leading the school in these cheers.”

“We have never had an evening like this,” said a happy Huma Qazi. “It was so well attended, and although a bit chaotic, no one seemed to mind as they were all together having fun in friendly games that most of them had never done before but were old favorites when we were kids.”

It was interesting to see how today’s students weren’t aware of events like the potato sack race, three legged race, egg and spoon relay, egg toss and piggy back races. “It clearly showed that today’s child simply doesn’t get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and play. X Box, phone games and social media seems to have replaced the innocence of play that we enjoyed as kids,” echoed Head of School, Naila Jamall.

After months of preparation, we were ready to host the first ever Spirit Games and Festival. The theme song of “Best Day of Our Lives,” was clearly in evidence throughout the evening which began with a fantastic all house dance led by Head Girl Sheezal Tehseen Feroze. “I love to dance and choreograph sets and this was a great opportunity for me to showcase my passion in a risk free environment. Working with the younger kids was so much fun as they respond and respect us and we in turn treat them with so much dignity and value each one of them. They did a great job and memorized all the steps so quickly.”

The night was filled with music, games, events and great food and everyone in attendance was thrilled to be there. “We had some timing and logistic issues with all the events,” said a proud Jamshid Minwalla. “If we do this again, and indications are that we will, we will host it on a Saturday evening where we are not rushed for time and we can ensure everyone participates. But all in all, it served its purpose of bringing the school and faculty together for a fun filled night.”