Oak Ends Drought with Dominant Performance.
After years of futility, Oak House finally captured the senior school championship at the 2019 sports day. They dominated the event from beginning to end and captured three of the four final relays to seal the victory. "We were so determined this year and Rayaan and I were encouraging and motivating them to simply do their best" stated a beaming and proud Ayesha Rizwan who won every race she completed in this year. "She's just a spitfire. Don't let her small stature deceive you. She pulled her hamstring after her 100 meter final but there was no way she wasn't going to run in her final relay race," stated VP Jamshid Minwalla.
"It was an amazing week for the seniors," stated Head Boy Hassan Salman. "Spirit in the school is at an all time high and we really came together as a school community. I will never forget the competition, fun and comaraderie that we all shared."
"It was spectacular. We had cheers, we had house entry songs, we had a cheoegraoged dance," exclaimed an emotional Cedar House Captain, Mariyam Rajani.
"They have a very powerful team on the track and even though we have some fast runners they were very deserving," stated multi gold medalist Mohammad Raja who ends his TLT career holding many of the schools records.
"I hate to lose but this year was so special with the months of spirit every day at break. Our student council and teachers were amqzing," echoed a disappointed Rabia Jawad.
This year's event was a fitting climax to months of preparations that changed the culture of the school. "They really came together as a student body and truly embodied the true spirit of sport and sportsmanship," said a proud Misbah Kodi. "They were intense in competition but what was impressive was their desire to simply enjoy themselves no matter the final results," said Head of School Naila Jamall.
To compete at the highest level, striving to achieve personal bests and sacrafice individual fame for the glory of their houses and the school was in plain evedince this year. As Zara Ali and Zair Rashid stated in their opening speach, "it's a time to come together and make lifetime memories that we will never forget." True to their word, sports day, spirit night and the overall tone set by all the student athletes will be hard to replicate next year but don't be surprised if 2020 will have its own highlights that make it memorable.