Sports Day Pre-Kindergarten – Grade IV

Sports Day is a much awaited event at The Learning Tree, where all members of the school community are involved actively, and students practice diligently to develop important skills, stamina and discipline for weeks before the final event. Sports day 2019-20 took place on Saturday the 23rd of November, where each student represented their house in at least two events and the constant cheering and house spirit made the event a lively one. For the Pre Kindergartens, it was their first ever experience interacting with their Seniors and creating bonds which will last forever. The event commenced with the March past where Oak, Cedar and Juniper proudly marched behind their House captains who were also the bearers of the house flag. They were led by the Head girl carrying the Learning Tree flag and the Head boy carrying the Pakistan flag. The march past ended with a splendid PE display where the students formed the letters TLT and waved their pom poms in synchrony.

The highlights of the event were the House relays which made everyone jump out of their seats and cheer for their houses.  The Pre-K - Grade 1 boys relay was won by Oak house, where as the Juniper girls took the medal. House relays for Grade 2-4 were won by Oak girls and Juniper boys. Juniper House ended up with the most points for the day making the overall standings very close going into the second term where academic, attendance and leadership awards will be awarded to crown the 2019-20 House Champions.

On the whole, it was an enjoyable event, where everybody went home with memories they will cherish forever and wait anxiously for the Sports Day next year.