Over 90 students placed their interest in running for this year’s student council and after the 235 electronic votes were compiled, checked and rechecked, 35 members of our student body were sworn in to serve as Student Council 2019-20 in this, our 20th year of existence.  We are proud to announce Hassan Salman as our Head Boy and Sheezal Tehseen Feroze as our Head Girl.  Both of these outstanding students take on their new roles having been on council for the past three years as prefect and then as House Captains.  They bring with them a wealth of experience, dedication, loyalty and passion that will allow them to lead an amazing group of young scholars, athletes, service learners and leaders.

Six incredible individuals who possess both athletic prowess, team work, energy, sportsmanship and character make up our six house captains.  Mohammad Raja and Maryam Rajani will lead a very powerful and formidable defending champion Cedar House who look to keep their place on top.  They will have their hands full with an equally talented athletic force in Juniper which will be led newcomer Sahl Sufyan Nagaria and wily veteran Mohammad Ali Abdullah Khan and a host of returning track and field champions.  “I really want to get that trophy back for Juniper,” stated an exited Abdullah.  Oak House has not seen the victory stand for some time but that might soon change with multi gold medallists Rayaan Malik and Ayesha Rizwan leading a very formidable team.  Twenty seven prefects were chosen this year with ten coming from the Class of 2020.  They are a talented group of scholars, athletes and leaders led by Head Boy runner up Zair Abbas Rashid and two Head Girl candidates, Fatimah Bandeali and Alesa Rizwan.

“I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t win the Head Boy position,” said a smiling Zair Rashid. “However, Hassan will do a fantastic job and I can still propose all my programs as a prefect.”

“I didn’t want to run for Head Girl but I’m glad I did and am very happy to be a prefect in this, my final year at The Learning Tree,” stated academic scholar Alesa Rizwan.

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“My brother was my role model when he was Head Boy and now I get a chance to continue the legacy of serving the school along with my brother and two cousins.  It doesn’t get any better than this,” said an emotional Hassan Salman.  “TLT is my home and what a great way to give back as the Head Boy.”

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“Prefect, House Captain and now Head Girl!  It’s an amazing feeling to be recognized for the hard work and dedication I have put in.  Now, I get to lead such an amazing group of my classmates and friends to make some positive changes that will become the norm. This is something I have dreamt about these past three years and now it’s become a reality,” exclaimed an excited Sheezal Tehseen Feroze.

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“Four days ago, I didn’t want to run for House Captain and today I lead Cedar House and can share my passion for fitness and good health,” stated Mohammad Raja. “If O hadn’t been pushed by my VP I would have missed out on a great opportunity.”
“I loved TLT for its caring and inviting social atmosphere, but now as second year House Captain of Oak House, I need to work hard and show everyone that I am not only an athlete but a scholar and leader,” stated Ayesha Rizwan. “This position will not allow me to take time off and hopefully push me to excel in all areas.”
It is a very illustrious group of returning council members and 19 first year members. It speaks volumes about our school when the student body and teachers select students based on their merit and character rather than popularity. What other school would provide the opportunity for a student to not only run but get elected after only being on campus for ten days? Yet that is exactly what happened with 8th grader Hyder Matcheswalla who won over his classmates with his football skills during PE and his kind and gentle nature in the classroom.
In past years, student council was relegated to break duty, but this year we hope to bring to the forefront several grassroots initiatives such as adopt a seventh grader, peer mentors and tutors, teacher appreciation days, health and fitness month, global issues bulletins and many others that will come from both council members and from the student body themselves, through our interactive message board.
Naila Jamall, the Head of School beamed with excitement when she said, “I am really proud of all of our candidates and all those who got elected. We had some very difficult decisions to make when we short listed the students but this group is truly very special because they are unified in their collective mission to leave their mark as a student council that truly worked for the betterment of the school community. Sheezal and Hassan, along with the six House Captains are going to lead an incredibly talented group and they will make this year one to remember.”
“They are a very special group and they will do a fantastic job leading the student body and building a sense of respect, responsibility and community on campus,” stated a beaming Misbah Kodi.
Head of Sr. School, Jamshid Minwalla will be the primary faculty advisor for this year’s council. He will be facilitating the weekly council meetings and assisting Council Chambers (made up of the Head Boy and Head Girl and six House Captains) prepare for both short term and long term events and programs. “Mission statements and policies are important in establishing the parameters of what the school stands for, but to truly develop a culture based on our core values of educational excellence, character, community and service, we needed to make it possible for the our council to be able to be agents of change for the betterment of their local, national and global landscapes. All 35 members have taken on a Growth Mindset that allows them to push themselves to the limit, view failure as a temporary state that they can overcome through problem solving and critical thinking and provide viable and sustainable solutions that are based on both the mind and the heart. This is an incredibly diverse and talented group and they will definitely leave their mark before all is said and done this year. They have the drive, passion and commitment that will make them reach their full potential and in the process make their school a home where everyone is included, engaged and respected.”