After the pomp and pageantry of the commencement ceremony, it's always nice to simply "chill and have fun" with classmates and friends and that's why The Learning Tree makes the effort to provide our grade eleven and ten students with a farewell dinner. The music was blaring, the food was delicious and the students had a blast.  It was the final TLT event for our graduating class of 2018 and it is one they will remember for years to come.


The Class of 2019 hosted the event and presented our graduates with gifts and awards that truly captured the varied personalities of each of our graduates. The Knight in Shining Armor went to our Head boy, Hamza Salman. Abeera Faisal was given the title of Harry Potter Jr, while Zehra Hanif had the dubious honor of being named sweet and subtle. Not to be outdone, Anusha Faisal was given the royal title of Queen of Mythology and Ayesha Zia was the Makeup Diva. Haya Haris was named Alice in Wonderland, while Baasim Azami was our Undercover Einstein.  Iman Rehan was the Selfie Queen so it was fitting that she was also the Queen of the Evening along with Saud Rahman our King of the Evening and the Dark Knight.


It was truly a wonderful and festive event which clearly symbolized why The Learning Tree is a special place because our leadership team and our faculty were also present, enjoying and participating in the revelry.


Thanks goes out Ms. Safura Nouman, Ms Misbah Kodi and of course our Head of School Naila Jamall who spares no expense or time when it comes to making sure her "children" are well fed, safe and happy.

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