'Whereas the student athletes of grade V-XI truly reveled in the competition and the desire to win their respective races, the younger athletes were simply happy to participate and compete in a slightly less pressured atmosphere at PDA Park on November 25th.  The tone of participation and cooperation quickly came to the forefront with the March Pass which was done with far more precision and commitment than their senior school colleagues.  The spelling of TLT by all the students in the three respective houses, perfectly orchestrated and choreographed made the opening ceremonies a truly festive and colorful event.


The students participated in over 40 races, both conventional flat sprints and some novelty events that suited the respective age groups.   All the races were a great source of enjoyment for the participants and a wonderful source of excitement and amusement to the 300 strong parents and friends who watched and cheered with great enthusiasm.


At the end of the day, Juniper House prevailed as the champions followed by Oak and Cedar.  There were some fabulous personal bests in the individual events, but as always, the highlight of the day was reserved for the relay races which were extremely close and the entire student body and parent entourage stood up to cheer as they raced to the finish line.


Many thanks to Sir Timothy, Ms. Rukhsar, the teacher volunteers, scorekeepers, timers and judges whose hard work can never be overstated.  The House Captains, Head Boy and Girl also played a huge role in making sure that the young ones were cared for and assisted in every way possible.  The year’s theme of caring and sharing was at the forefront as everyone involved made sure that the young student athletes had a day to remember. Watching our young students display sportsmanship, commitment and teamwork fills us with an incredible amount of pride at all their accomplishments '

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