We had three Snow Whites but only one dwarf and many lovely ferries. Witches, vampires, warlocks, and many other scary characters. Super heroes galore ranging from all the Marvel characters to the venerable Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. A slew of Goths and some masked marauders and some cowboys, chefs and other blue collar heroes such as policemen and army officers who had the audacity to order everyone in sight. Yes the Fancy Dress Party and Parade on both campuses was a huge hit with all those in attendance.

“Dressing up as someone else is like a pretend play for children,” states pre school administrator Huma Qazi. “By dressing up, our little ones learn to transform themselves into different roles. It’s amazing to see how their creativity is exposed through their actions and words as the characters they are portraying.” The risk taking and confidence these young children had during the day is a tribute to the carefree and non threatening environment that is always in evidence at the pre school. “It was a great event for students to socialize with their peers and their teachers,” adds Head of School, Naila Jamall.

The junior and senior school also celebrated with a unique parade through the campus grounds. “We paired our senior students with our little ones and it was amazing to see the excitement for both the junior and senior school students,” says Junior School administrator Suroor Mustaq. The event truly brought the entire school together as a learning community in a social setting that lent itself to the school’s philosophy of caring and sharing.

“The senior school kids need a respite from their rigorous academic responsibilities and this was a great way for them to break out of character and enjoy themselves for a few hours,” says Head of Sr. School, Jamshid Minwalla. “We often talk about caring, empathy, compassion, and respect as part of our hidden curriculum but this was a very unique way to have our older kids take charge, drop their superior attitudes and come down to the level of their younger peers. It’s a powerful and amazing message that was shared about taking care of their little brothers and sisters who were completely enthralled by sharing the parade route with their senior buddies.”

The festivities ended with individual classroom parties on both campuses and the day ended on a high note with the little ones being walked to the gate at home time by their newly acquired senior buddies. All in all, a day that ended “happily ever after” for even the lone Dwarf who didn’t care that six of his friends were nowhere to be found. He had an entire school community making sure he felt ten feet tall.

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