A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

For a small school, you’ll find we have a lot going on. At The Learning Tree, your academic experience is enhanced by travel and volunteer opportunities as well as hundreds of ways to participate in student organizations and the local community. In this exciting and vibrant campus environment, every day is a new adventure, and much of that adventure is experienced through the many on-campus opportunities and resources available to you.
Whether you are trying to enjoying a cool dip in the wading pool, competing in our end of year football tournament, or just hanging out with friends listening to music in our student lounge daily life at TLT offers a colorful range of fun activities.

Get Involved

TLT boasts several student organizations, ranging from social and cultural to service, special interest, and honorary.

Make a Difference

TLT is consistently recognized as a community engagement leader. As a student, you’ll discover dozens of ways to make a difference on our campus, in our community, and in our world.

A World of Difference

The Learning Tree is among the top institutions of its type for the percentage of students who travel within and outside of Pakistan. In fact, more than 80 percent of students travel nationally or internationally before they graduate.