The students of Pre-Kindergarten showcased their learning about “Sharing the Planet” at the PYP Presentation on Friday the 13th of December. It was the perfect end to all the inquiries, experiments and research projects done throughout the first term. They presented their ideas on environment, recycling and sustainability to a large audience of parents, teachers and peers. Students proudly explained the process involved in creating their very own vegetable patch and distributed fresh baby spinach and seeds to be planted later by the visitors. You could hear the children and adults happily singing to the lyrics “there are so many things that grow grow grow…” There was a story telling center where “The very hungry caterpillar” and “The Whales Tale” were narrated using an interactive story board. The students displayed responsibility by sorting trash into recycling bins and at the end of the day, each one proudly took home a fashionable cloth bag which they had created by reusing an old T shirt.