I arrived five years ago with the hope and goal of creating an environment that truly embodied our Mission Statement, Philosophy, and Core Values. I am proud to say that we have made huge strides to ensure that our Senior School is a place where our students and faculty are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged.

This is a community of students and faculty that I treasure. I love that the students invest in their experiences at TLT – diving into academics, athletics, the arts, leadership opportunities, and meaningful friendships. Their breadth of interests and depth of accomplishments is incredible.


The opportunity to engage and learn throughout the divisions and departments at TLT is a tremendous gift. It would not be possible without the commitment of our talented and dedicated faculty and staff, who know our students and genuinely care about their success.
We are living in a world in which linear thinking is giving way to non-linear thinking, systematic thinking, and dynamic models of thinking in which we need our minds of the future to understand that, “Intelligence plus character – [is] the goal of true education” (Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.). Having embraced Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future, we are doing something profound for our students which go well beyond preparing them for their IGCSE Qualifications: we are asking them to focus on the cognitive competencies of the disciplined, synthesizing, and creative minds. More importantly, we are asking them to develop respectful and ethical minds. We achieve this through the use of Visible Thinking — a flexible and systematic approach to integrating the development of students’ thinking with content learning and reflective introspection across subject matters.

The Senior School’s goal is to build on the solid foundation developed by our IB Primary Years Programme and create learners who are confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others; responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others; reflective as learners, developing their ability to learn; innovative and equipped for new and future challenges; and engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference and build a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.

There is much on the horizon for us as we grow our school enrollment by another 50 curious minds; develop new efficiencies to enhance open and transparent communication for all stakeholders; incorporate technology into both classroom instruction and student achievement; construct a user-friendly, informative, and engaging website; provide faculty with the opportunity to develop their art and science of teaching through best in class professional development workshops and courses; utilize Dr. Joyce Epstein’s six types of involvement framework to ensure that the parents are not merely “involved” but truly engaged in their child’s success, and continue to set a standard for what secondary education can look like when teaching and learning for understanding and student interest are at the center of our work.

Our outstanding faculty is dedicated and committed to building relationships of trust and intimacy and creating the space for our students to question initiate and lead. Along with their students, they too, are, confident in teaching their subject and engaging each student in learning; responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others; reflective as learners themselves, developing their practice; innovative and equipped for new and future challenges; and engaged intellectually, professionally and socially, ready to make a difference.

The Senior School is full – enrollment is strong with unprecedented teacher/student ratios in which personal attention and individualized learning is the norm and not the exception, and the school vibrates with energy. This is an exciting time, and I am thrilled to be a part of a school that puts students first.

Why TLT Senior School?

We realize that you have choices when it comes to which school you want to attend, learn and graduate from. Our senior school is our newest and least known, but our youth should not be viewed as a concern but as a sign of confidence. As a leading private school, we know how to prepare you for your final two years of secondary school and beyond. You need to be challenged. You need to pursue your strengths and discover new passions. You need to be in a place where you are surrounded by students who want to learn; a place where education is personal; a place where education is international; a senior school that offers the educational experience of a lifetime. At The Learning Tree, you have the support of your teachers – they urge you to excel and then stay after class to discuss a puzzling math problem. You sit with fifteen classmates to discuss your analysis of critical theory and Macbeth. You gain fascinating insight from your friends – who come from all over the city. You use your free period to prepare for a test in Add Mathematics. You are involved in athletic activities; you serve through MOVE and showcase your art throughout campus and around the city or your dramatic flair on stage.

You spend every day in the heart of a robust urban setting and so when it’s time to go to your next school you realize something. Being there is more than finding the right school – it’s about being THAT person; someone who can change the world. As a senior school that focuses on the student, The Learning Tree will help you become that person.

Jamshid Minwalla
Head of Senior School