Dating back to the year 2000, TLT opened its doors to the youngest learners – the preschoolers. It was from The Learning Tree Preschool that this whole journey of learning began, and today, our high school graduates, after completing their Cambridge exams, spread out their wings for future learning endeavours.

With the overarching vision of making our students our priority, TLT Early Years Program has been designed for students from Pre-Nursery (starting from 18 month-olds) to Kindergarten (5 years-olds), as they go through one of the most crucial and significant years of their growth – physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Keeping this in mind, our program is designed to provide a stimulating, constructive and warm environment for the children, in order to instill a positive attitude towards the school and a love for learning. Our teachers implement the principles of active learning, keeping in mind that:

  • Preschoolers learn with their whole body and with all their senses.
  • Young children learn because they want to.
  • Preschoolers communicate what they know.
  • Preschoolers learn within the context of trusting relationships.
These principles guide the decisions our teachers make through a typical day in the preschool classroom.

TLT Early Years Program is guided by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) in its inquiry approach to learning, engaging the child actively in hands-on learning and problem-solving activities. Our commitment to making our young learners internationally-minded is visible through the IB Learner Profile attributes that are displayed in the speech, acts and works of the preschoolers.

Some aspects that characterize our preschool classrooms include the following:


The preschool teachers work alongside children and communicate with them through verbal and nonverbal means in order to encourage learning. A key strategy for adult-child interaction is sharing control with the children, which builds the child’s self-esteem, along with harnessing a sense of ownership. Our teachers are responsive professionals, who are concerned about all aspects of the child’s development. They develop close, supportive relationships with the children who are entrusted in their care.


Classrooms are divided into interest areas or learning centers, which are stocked with stimulating materials organized on shelves tagged with child-friendly labels, in order to encourage the children to use and put away materials themselves. Learning through materials enables the children to explore and experience the environment in a meaningful manner, and encourages independence and confidence in learning.


There is a consistent schedule and framework that provides a balanced variety of experiences and learning opportunities. Students engage in both individual and social play, participate in small- and large- group activities, assist with cleanup, socialize during snack time, develop self-care skills, and exercise their small and large muscles. Some of the activities that our young learners participate in include: role-play, water-play, physical education, personal, social and emotional development, music and movement, library, and activities pertaining to different cultures through multicultural events and celebrations.


Through our programme, teachers support children’s natural desire to be active learners. Creating an active learning environment for preschoolers means consciously considering all their needs — their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and socio-linguistic needs. The PYP units of inquiry, which are formally taught from Pre-Kindergarten, enables students to attain understanding (knowledge, concepts and skills) about the world. Using inquiry-based methods, students are taught science and social studies through conventional subject areas including literacy, numeracy and art. Urdu lessons, starting from Pre-Kindergarten, immerse the child in a bilingual, enriched learning environment daily.

The Early Years Programme implemented at TLT Preschool will continue to behold each individual child’s gifts and talents. We will help each child to become his or her most outstanding self. We continue to welcome the natural joy and playful spontaneity of childhood, providing our children the opportunity to think, wonder, build, imagine, explore and express their creative skills. We welcome and encourage the parent community to join us as partners in this important and meaningful phase in their child’s learning journey.

Your partner in your child’s education,
Huma Qazi
Head of TLT Preschool