TLT Junior School caters to students from Grades II–VI, who follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). The Learning Tree became an IB World School in December 2014, authorized to offer the PYP to students from Pre- Kindergarten to Grade VI.

With its emphasis on inquiry-based model of teaching, PYP endorses a community of learners, where knowledge is not confined to textbooks, and students and teachers are invited to ‘construct’, explore and synthesize the vast amounts of information available into meaningful, understandable knowledge. Qualified and IB-trained teachers make the PYP‘happen in our classrooms’, armoured with the required knowledge and skills, and displaying the enthusiasm, innovation and willingness to take the hard route of having the students engage in meaningful inquiry. Our pedagogical team is provided with opportunities of professional development through in-house, in-school and online workshops in our commitment towards learning at all levels, and our quest to become internationally-minded.

The Learning Tree’s mission statement closely aligns with the IB philosophy, as it upholds the values of respect, responsibility and diversity, among others. We, as a whole school, have adopted the 10 Learner Profile attributes prescribed by the IB as we believe that they characterize the learners of the 21st century, and these are interwoven in our speech, our activities and our lesson plans. Our objective is to raise a generation of knowledgeable inquirers and thinkers, who are open-minded and reflective, and who communicate their ideas through different mediums, and show a principled and balanced outlook towards life, and are unafraid to take risks to achieve what they believe to be right.

At The Learning Tree, we recognize and value every student’s individuality, strengths and needs. We believe that understanding is the ‘key’ to learning, and that understanding can be achieved and expressed through different mediums, including oral, visual and written. We see brilliant photographers, talented artists, writers and orators, computer whizzes, and gifted singers and actors around us experiencing the world and expressing their interpretation of it through multiple mediums. We provide opportunities for students toexplore, learn, reflect, deliberate and reach conclusions, and most of all, take ownership of their own learning. TLT Programme of Inquiry gives an overview of the units taught in our Primary Years Programme. All subject areas, including languages, mathematics, humanities, sciences, arts and physical education are integrated into the units, in order to teach through a transdisciplinary approach, rather than isolated subjects. For more information about the Junior School curriculum, please read the document titled: Junior School Curriculum Overview.

As an IB World School, we are committed to provide a high quality, challenging, international education to our students. Our diverse co-curricular programme, including learning modules, student-driven school events, and community service opportunities, complements our curricular objectives, and enables our students to receive a holistic education. We endeavour to create 21st century learners, as articulated by the LP attributes, who are conscientious, global citizens, committed towards making a better tomorrow.

Afshan Bandeali

Head of Junior School
IB-PYP Coordinator