The athletic program is an essential part of The Learning Tree community that values integrating the mind, body, and spirit through play, enhancing student growth, learning, and social skills, and teaching and coaching as art, that respects all members of the athletic community and their differences, and that honors the pursuit and attainment of athletic excellence.

Our wellness education, intramural and inter school team sports, and individual fitness activities encourage a diverse body of motivated, committed, able students to develop their full personal, interpersonal, spatial, and kinesthetic potential, and to flourish as ethical, gracious, and strong competitors who embrace leadership, teamwork, loyalty, friendship, generosity, and wellness as lifelong pursuits.

Athletic Opportunities

If you want a school that combines academics and sports, TLT is the best place you are looking for you to participate in both team and individual athletic activities. Football, track and field and cricket are the main sports at TLT. Students have the opportunity to participate in intramural, local and regional tournaments. We have a great group of coaches who not only have a passion for the sport but also a genuine interest in the development of our students’ wellness and growth. Our coaches, like all our faculty, are “First Learners” and serve as guides and adhere to a motto that is befitting a mentor and role model. Sports time goes from 2:45 to 4:15 p.m. Moreover, coaches are always willing to do extra morning and weekend practices, if it is needed.

The Learning Tree will be participating in a variety of invitational tournaments and track meets throughout the year. An athletic calendar will be posted on the site when venues, dates and times are made available.

Our Teams


Girls U 10 Futsol Red

Top row L-R: Sarah Fatima Jamote, Maham Omar, Mariam Yousuf, Tia Ismail
Bottom row L-R: Sarah Hadi, Ayla Benazir. Hiyam Haris Lakha (Vice Captain), Ayesha Jawad (Captain)


Girls U 10 Futsol White

Top row L-R: Fatima Ali, Fatemah Kara, Shayya Taji (Captain), Zayna Hassan
Bottom row L-R: Mehr Abbas, Noor Abdul Basit, Aleena Aamir, Amna Ghias (Vice Captain)


Girls U 13 Futsol

Reds (L-R): Emaan Naveed Sheikh, Haya Rehan, Sheezal Tehseen Feroze, Sophia Sarosh, Surath Sanwal, Fatima Younes, Ameera Haq (Vice Captain), Rabia Jawad (Captain)
Whites (L-R): Umme Aiman SHabbir (Captain), Alishba Ali Chajro, Syeda Rania Inam, Hafsa Asif, Mariam Omer Dochki, Ayesha Jawad, Ramsha Asif, Ifrah Zafar (Vice Captain)


Boys U 10 Futsol Red

Back Row L-R: Affan Dochki, Rohail Sharique Burney, Abdur Rahman Kapadia, Faizan Shahab, Abdullah Humayun (Captain)
Front Row L-R: Salmaan Shariq Khan, Hasan Haji (Vice Captain)


Boys U 10 Futsol White

Front Row L-R: Saad Malik, Ayaan Bhail (Captain), Ali Yaar Jamote, Arham Tehseen Feroze (Vice Captain)
Back Row L-R: Shahmeer Rizwan, Mian Raza Shah, Risaal Tauseef, Aimal Khan


Boys U 13 Futsol

Standing: Whites
L-R: Bilal Nasser, Moazzam, M. Ulaswiyar Chhjro, Suleman M. Ali (Captain), Rehan Ahmed Wafai, Ayan Hazur Bux Brohi, Nirvaan Sher Ali, M.Salaar Mir Jamote
Sitting: Reds
L-R: Amaan Omer. Usman Salman (Captain), Zain Rajani, Shafay Lakhani, Haroon Sheikh, Shayan Khurram, Ayaan Ahmed, Ali Anser Jafri (Absent)


Cricket (Jr. & Sr)
Football (Jr. & Sr)
Track (Jr. & Sr)


Football (Jr. & Sr)
Track (Jr. & Sr)
U 10 Futsol Red
U 10 Futsol White